Innovatrans: Logistics operator in Spain for all of Europe specialized in food, pharma, health and technology

Madrid, December 14, 2021.-  Innovatrans is a logistics operator that will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022. It has a 7,500 m2 warehouse in the Madrid municipality of Daganzo and access to a network of more than 2,000 trucks. Innovatrans is specialized in the Food, Pharmacy-Healthcare and Technology markets, where it offers: 3PL Services, Parcels, National and International Transportation. Special services such as the transportation of technological equipment. Groupage and Full Load.

Innovatrans has a portfolio of over 200 clients and a daily management of 1,000 orders. The Board of Directors of Innovatrans is made up of: Carlos Mayoral, General Director, Pedro Sánchez Hernández, Sales Director, Pedro Vicente, Quality and Projects Director, Belinda Mayoral, Financial Director, Francisco Martínez, Operations Director and Fernando Toledano, Director of Systems and Developments. Thanks to the different activities that we develop, we can obtain the most appropriate solution for each need with the most optimal cost in:

  1. Transportation and Distribution.
  2. Logistics.
  3. Value added services.

Within Innovatrans this phrase is heard a lot: «Most of us spend more time and energy talking about problems than looking for a solution».

Thanks to our know-how and systems, we are integrated into the best national transport networks.

Small Parcel. Focused on E-commerce (B2B, B2C …).

Industrial Parcel. Palletized and not palletized.

Groupage. Focused on large volumes.

Full Loads.

Our experience in the analysis and development of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is what allows us to analyze the specific needs of our client. We optimize all procurement processes, reaching a service level that is above average thanks to the customization of projects.

Our extensive experience in outsourcing and outsourcing processes has taught us to take our client’s philosophy as our own.

We carry out studies and design extra-strategic Logistics Plans to optimize costs and flows, complying with the required quality KPI’s using our 10-year experience in the market, since 2012.The needs of consumers are constantly changing, so we always bet on three bases; study, training and planning.

Thanks to the training of our Team, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to the value needs that your product requires. Our dimension; allows us to adapt to our clients, to become an extension of them.

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